Lease Return Center – FAQs

Lease Return Center

Your lease-end is really just the beginning.

Can I turn in my lease early?

Yes. Many of our customers like to end their leases early to get behind the wheel of some of our exciting new models. Some customers can even trade into a new vehicle with little to no money out of pocket and a lower monthly payment.

How will I be contacted before my lease expires?

A representative from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services should contact you on the phone number listed in your contact information when you leased the vehicle. You may also receive a lease return packet in the mail.

If you have not received any contact from MBFS by approximately 120 days before your contract maturity, contact the manufacturer or Mercedes-Benz of Barrington or the dealership where you leased your vehicle as soon as possible.

What is the Creit Card Test?

Most vehicle damage happens to the exterior or interior fabric and trim. The Credit Card Test is a simple, yet comprehensive way to evaluate when such wear and use becomes damage. If the damage can be hidden with a credit card, it passes the test and is not chargeable damage.

What costs can I expect when I turn in my vehicle?

If returning at lease maturity, you are responsible for any past due payments, unpaid fees, excess mileage, excess wear and use, and fees and taxes associated with your end of lease. If you return your vehicle early (prior to maturity), you will be responsible for the above charges as well as remaining payments.

Can I return a vehicle I did not lease at Motor Werks?

Yes. Motor Werks can assist you with a lease return of any make or model.

What is a lease extension?

A lease extension allows you to extend your current vehicle lease agreement for a time. Depending on the case, leased vehicle agreements can be extended up to 12 months or even month to month.